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The Addams Family and Beyond--A Tribute to Ted Cassidy

Addams Family Episode Trivia
Ted Cassidy Biography
"Thing" Trivia
Addams Family Screen Shots
Ted Cassidy Screen Shots

"It doesn't matter if you're big and tall or ugly or pretty. Deep inside, every actor wants to play Hamlet--at least I hope he does, because that's the craft."
--Ted Cassidy
Ted Cassidy is best known for his portrayal of Lurch, the butler at the Addams Family house, but he portrayed many other characters, too. This site is in memory of Ted Cassidy.
This site is incomplete but ever growing. I add to it everyday, so check beck often!!
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Those wacky Addams
and their faithful butler,
Click on his
smiling face
to see more
Addams Family
screen shots!


Click on this
Lurch picture
to read Cassidy's


Click on Lurch
to see an
Addams Family
Episode Trivia

Dear Lurch
You Rang?

Lurch preferred
to remain
but I would
love to hear
from you.
Click on Lurch,
and you'll find a
page with my
email address.

Charming Lurch
Yes, Mrs. Addams

Ted Cassidy could display a wide array of emotions without saying a word! My screen shots will depict many of Lurch's antics. Just click on one of these pictures of Lurch to go to my Addams Family Screen Shots page.



"I try to keep my feelings out of the role. Sometimes I slip." --Ted Cassidy on always having to fight the image of being a "dumb, untalkative giant" throughout his life.


Ahh...Thing. Always there when you need him. Always there to "lend a hand." But WHICH hand? Was he a lefty or a righty? Was he ambidextrous? Click on Thing's picture for episode-by-episode "Thing Trivia."

Thing starts the music for Lurch's dance lesson.

"I played Thing. I always have."--Ted Cassidy, Starlog magazine
Yes, that is true, but what about the episodes in which both Lurch AND Thing appeared in the same scene? See a list of those episodes on my "Thing Trivia" page.

Cassidy in "Women's Prison Escape"

I have never been able to find much information on Cassidy, and I always wondered what he looked like in roles other than "Lurch." Here is a screen shot of Cassidy in the 1974 movie, Women's Prison Escape. Click on his picture to see many more screen shots from his many other roles.

"Follow Me...."--Lurch